Our Mission

ITDP: 20 Years of Experience in Development Work

The Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP) was founded in 1985 by US sustainable transportation advocates who wanted to counteract the export of automobile-dependent transportation and urban development to developing and transition countries. Today, ITDP is an established non-profit organization with programs in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Mobility: An Opportunity

Improved mobility gives access to jobs, schools, health care, recreation, and other needs. ITDP promotes transportation policies and projects that improve mobility and give transportation options to all. This includes promoting the development of modern and appropriate bicycles and rickshaws, safe and attractive routes for cyclists and pedestrians, and modern, high quality Bus Rapid Transit systems.

Liveable Cities

The innovative transportation improvements in Bogotá / Colombia have become a model for other developing cities committed to improving mobility and quality of life. ITDP promotes Bus Rapid Transit, cycleways and car-free days by sharing Bogotá's impressive results, and assists cities in implementing similar projects by providing experts to make recommendations and train local staff.

ITDP Europe

The European Section of the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy is a non-profit policy research and advocacy organization based in Wohltorf, Germany, promoting sustainable transportation and land use policies worldwide, with a particular focus on developing and transition countries. The major objectives of the organization are:

Transportation, Settlement & Land Use

Cooperation, Participation & Consulting

ITDP Europe pursues these goals in cooperation with:

With the participation of:

Therefore the organization provides expertise in the areas of: