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The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy Europe (ITDP Europe) is a non-profit organization based in Germany that promotes sustainable transportation policies worldwide with a particular focus on developing and transition countries.

Since its inception in 2003, ITDP Europe has supported transportation practices that tackle climate change, improve air quality, address gender disparities, create better access to healthcare, home services like plumbing, drain & sewerage, connect citizens to economic opportunities and improve overall quality of life.

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Newsletter #3 now available! (December 2010)


ITDP Europe at the SID Hamburg Stammtisch (November 2010)

ITDP Europe Program Director Christof Hertel gave a lecture entitled "Bus Rapid Transit - The Solution For Megacities?" at the SID Hamburg Stammtisch on 25 November. Click here for more information (German text).



ITDP Europe on TV (October 2010)

ITDP Europe and our partner FABIO recently featured in an Arte documentary on bicycle taxis in Africa. Click here for more information on "Uganda - The Way Ahead for the Bike Taxi" (German and French only).



PARK(ing) Day (September 2010)

Friday 17 September was PARK(ing) Day: ITDP Europe took part by reclaiming two parking spaces in Bergedorf. Read the Bergedorfer Zeitung article by clicking here! (German text)

The next official sustainable transport event in Hamburg is "Carfree Sunday" on the 19th of June 2011.